The History

The Honey BBQ Sauce was created in my late teens, back then it didn’t have a name it was known as my special sauce.  I created it to be used at family BBQ parties to compliment the various BBQ and grilled foods that was made.

After years of making the sauce, refining and perfecting the recipe I had a sauce that was widely loved and requested by family, friends and friends of friends who tasted the sauce.

The Idea

The idea to bottle the sauce, give it a name much less start a company came after years of making the sauce. It was something suggested to me on many occasion as people wanted some sauce to take away with them.

After much hard work, JAMROC SAUCES was born with a range of HONEY BBQ SAUCES and marinade to bring to market.


We are a micro manufacturers in sauce production, the products produced in small batches to ensure consistency.  Currently there are 3 sauces in the HONEY BBQ SAUCES range, the Original, the Hot n Spicy and the Jerk.

The Original, HONEY BBQ SAUCE will be the first sauce available to gain consumer feedback then the Hot n Spicy and Jerk sauces will become available.

Our Future

We hope to still be producing the sauces and marinades people will love all year round, expand as the business grows while keeping production in-house to ensure the consistency and quality of our products and help our friends the Humble Honey Bee.

Because without the Humble Honey Bee, we as people may have to work harder for our food.